Introduction to Biochemical Engineering

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Week 1: Course Introduction, Review Prerequisites Week 8: Enzymology, Immobilized enzymes 
Week 2: Biotechnology Overview, Genetic Engineering Week 9: Scale Up
Week 3: Sterilization Week 10: Product Recovery, Early Steps
Week 4: Mass Transfer and Mixing Week 11: Ion Exchange, Membranes, Crystallization
Week 5: Batch Bioprocesses Week 12: Chromatography, Freeze Drying, Other
Week 6: Continuous Processes Week 13: Drying, Disposables
Week 7: Mixed Cultures Week 14: Biosensors

Additional Topics

Bioinformatics             Biological Waste Treatment             Energy from biomass             Process Control
Photobioreactors              Flow Cytometry          Zeta Potential

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