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    "Introduction to Biochemical Engineering" and "Unit Operations and Processes in Environmental Engineering"

    Henry Bungay has authored four other textbooks.
    Computer Games and Simulation for Biochemical Engineering (published by Wiley) was a pioneering effort for computerized education. One of its teaching games, FERMT, has been used throughout the world for decades.
    BASIC Biochemical Engineering and BASIC Environmental Engineering (published by BiLine Associates) had all chapters reinforced by computer exercises and had second editions. Books that came with a floppy disc were novel then.
    Environmental Systems Engineering (published by Kluwer) introduced artificial intelligence for environmental situations.

    He was lead author for the Biochemical Engineering chapter in two editions of Perry's Handbook for Chemical Engineers.

    Sample Pages for:

    Introduction to Biochemical Engineering

    Sample Pages for:

    Unit Operations and Processes in Environmental Engineering

    Henry R. Bungay
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    Howard P. Isermann Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

    Troy, NY 12180-3590

    These new books is in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) can be read on any browser while on-line to make use of its many hyperlinks for integration with the internet. Their own web pages have Javascript exercises and are supplemented and reinforced by the internet. Most of each flash drive is empty and available for materials collected by the owner. There are no restrictions on duplication and distribution if not for profit.