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B.E.T. Equation

A different equation is more likely to describe adsorption where the adsorbate exceeds a monolayer. The Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET)equation is:

where Cs = concentration at which all layers are filled
Kb = a coefficient

Its assumptions are:

It is important that many unusual adsorption isotherms are fitted well bythe BET equation. This is to be expected when there are three coefficients to manipulate. The maximum loading, Qm, just multipiles to move the entire curve up and down. The coefficient, Kb, has a major effect on shape. The concentration at which all sites are saturated (maybe several layers) can be adjusted to get a portion of the isotherm. In other words, you can look at just part of the curve. As C approaches Cs, the denomenator of the equation becomes small, and the curve shoots up.

Plotting the B.E.T. Equation with Various Coefficients

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