The Sun and Balance Award is the highest honor offered by the Rensselaer Newman Foundation to those who support the work of the Church at Rensselaer.

The award takes its name from the seal of the Rensselaer Newman Foundation: the sun represents God and the balance, justice and righteousness. The motto of the Foundation is inscribed around the seal: "God is the Measure of All Things." Sun and Balance Award recipients receive a medallion-sized reproduction of this seal, a formal declaration of appreciation from the Board President, and have their names permanently inscribed on a plaque in the Main Auditorium.

The Sun and Balance award was originally given intermittently to an outstanding RPI teacher and mentor, as chosen by RPI students. In 1979, the focus of the award was shifted to recognize those who had significantly supported the work of the church at Rensselaer. Since that time, the Sun and Balance Award has been given each year at the Committee of 100 Dinner, our annual gathering to recognize those supporters who have made our work possible.

A list of individuals so honored follows:

  • 1968: Joseph Smith
  • 1972: A. Bruce Carlson
  • 1976: Eric Beltz
  • 1979: Msgr. William M. Slavin, John Millet
  • 1980: Ellis Robison
  • 1981: McCarthy Family of Troy
  • 1982: M. Elizabeth and Stephen E. Wiberley
  • 1983: Paul J. Catan, Jr.
  • 1984: Robert W. Petricca
  • 1985: John and Mary K. Ryan
  • 1986: Sarah Catlin
  • 1987: Constance B. Murray
  • 1988: Bishop Howard Hubbard
  • 1989: Rev. Gary B. Gelfenbien
  • 1990: Carl Engstrom, Arthur Gajarsa
  • 1991: Michael C. Duffy
  • 1992: David S. Haviland
  • 1993: Frederica Z. Meindl
  • 1994: Anne and Jonathan Cassidy
  • 1995: Suzanne F. Gutmann
  • 1996: Richard C. Tantillo
  • 1997: Ruth Ellen and R. Byron Pipes
  • 1998: Robert C. Thayer
  • 1999: Mairin and Patrick Quinn
  • 2000: Alice and William McLoughlin
  • 2001: Rev. Thomas Phelan
  • 2002: David Marvin Orlep (awarded posthumously)
  • 2003: Nathan Robert Walsh
  • 2004: John A. Malitoris
  • 2005: Matthew Kosara, Rebecca Lamb
  • 2006: Kathleen and Edward Spain
  • 2007: Frances and James Hyde and Family
  • 2008: William Drunsic and
    Peter Levatich(awarded posthumously)
  • 2009: Teresa, James and Christopher Brennan
  • 2010: Michael F. Diacovo
  • 2011: Megan Fannon and Nicholas J. Wengrenovich