Catholic Resources on the Web

There are countless resources on the Web that cover all aspects of Catholicism, from Catholic history and teachings, to scripture and prayer, to local parishes and national organizations. As can be expected, the information and views expressed in the resources vary widely.

A good directory to Catholic resources on the Web is Thomas C. Fox's Catholicism on the Web (MIS Press, 1997). The guide is a comprehensive, annotated list of web sites organized into four groups: Catholic Organization, Catholic Ideas, Catholic Activism, and Catholic Transcendence. A copy is available in the Chaplain's Office.

Below is a short list of good starting points for finding information about Catholicism on the Web. The Monks of Adoration website (designated below as "Church Documents etc.") is an amazing compilation of every Catholic issue imaginable (past and present). If you have your own favorite Catholic web site or other religious resource that you'd like to share with others, send an email to providing the site name, URL, and a brief description of the site's contents.



The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has issued its first report assessing compliance by dioceses nationwide with “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.” This report is based on a thorough review by independent auditors of the work of U.S. dioceses since June 2002 to establish effective procedures to receive, investigate and act upon complaints of clergy sexual abuse of minors; to prevent future abuse through background checks and the creation of safe environment programs, and to promote healing by providing comfort and assistance to victims, among other goals.

Independent auditors found the Albany Diocese in complete compliance with all provisions of the Charter. The USCCB’s full report an recommendations can be read at The report on the Albany Diocese audit and full information about our Diocese’s programs to address clergy sexual abuse of minors is available at or by calling the Diocese’s toll-free information line at 1-800-931-6058.

The Albany Diocese has a zero tolerance policy for clergy sexual abuse of minors. We encourage all victims of clergy sexual abuse to come forward for help. To report an incident of abuse, please contact the Albany Diocese Victims/Survivors Assistance Coordinator, Theresa F. Rodrigues at (518) 453-6646, or write to her at