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CFES engages with academic, industrial, and government partners in many different ways. We aid companies looking to enter the renewable energy and energy efficiency industry by providing consulting services and helping them find and license cutting-edge technologies.  We also conduct original research sponsored by industrial partners and government grants. We assist in obtaining grant funding and provide management and research expertise throughout the process.  Our goal  is to create positive return on investment and maximize the technology transfer process to provide favorable economic impact of energy-related technologies within New York State. 

Among our active Academic partners:

    At RPI

    • New York State Center for Polymer Synthesis
    • Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Research Lab
    • Center for Automation Technology and Systems (CATS)
    • The Lighting Research Center (LRC)
    • Future Chips Constellation

    Cornell University

    • Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR)
    • Cornell Fuel Cell Institute (CFCI)
    • Energy Frontier Research Center (EFRC)

    Brookhaven National Lab

    • Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN)
    • Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science (CMPMS)

    Clarkson University

    • Center for Advanced Materials Processing (CAMP)

    Alfred University

    • Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology (CACT)


    Goverment Partners Include:




    Dept. of Energy




    Industrial Partners (click):


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