B. Wayne Bequette



Howard P. Isermann Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin, Chemical Engineering
M.S., University of Texas, Austin, Chemical Engineering
B.S., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Chemical Engineering


Dr. Bequette served as President of the American Automatic Control Council (AACC) in 2008-9, and is currently the Board Secretary. He was the AIChE CAST Division Programming Chair (2010-2013), and is the Meeting Program Chair for the 2014 Annual AIChE Meeting in Atlanta. He is a Fellow of the AIChE (May, 2008), was inducted into the Arkansas Academy of Chemical Engineers (April, 2007), received the Rensselaer School of Engineering Research Excellence Award (2008) and the Rensselaer Jerome Fischbach Travel Award (2013). He is a Trustee of the CACHE Corporation (2010-present). 

Dr bequette started his careerworking for three years as a process engineer for American Petrofina between his undergraduate and graduate studies. From 1986 to 1987 he was a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Texas and from 1987 to 1988 he was a Visiting Lecturer with the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of California at Davis. He joined the Rensselaer faculty in 1988 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1994 and Professor in 2000. Dr. Bequette was on sabbatical leave during the 1995-1996 academic year, spending the fall semester at Merck Research Laboratories and the spring at Northwestern University.

Research Interests

Dr. Bequette's research interests include information technology, engineering education, control systems, chromatographic bioprocessing,
biotechnology, biomedical engineering, bioengineering, biochemical engineering, automation technology, interactive learning, modeling, process control and design, separation and bioseparation processes,
and systems engineering.

His research program in process systems engineering is an integrated effort to solving problems related to process design, scale-up and operation. Most thesis topics involve a mix of fundamental and application-driven research. Students in this program develop a broad background, taking an array of courses in chemical engineering, many courses (systems theory, etc.) in other departments, and collaborating with other students and faculty on a particular application. Research topics include:

Modeling and Control of Integrated Gasification and Combined Cycle (IGCC) Power Plants

Fuel Cell Modeling and Control

Thermochemical Cycles for Hydrogen Production

Biodiesel Pilot Plant


Rensselaer Jerome Fischbach Travel Award (2013)

Trustee of the CACHE Corporation (2010 to present)

AlChE Fellow (may, 2008)

Rensselaer School of Engineering Research Excellence Award (2008)

Member, Tau Beta Pi


B. Wayne Bequette

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