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Energy Materials and Devices Lab


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Purpose: The CFES Energy Materials and Devices Lab (CFES-EMDL) consists of a suite of tools for fabricating, processing, characterizing and testing a variety of materials and device structures for new energy applications.

Broadly, the facilities can be divided into five test stations:

Photovoltaic Test Bench

Efficiency, power factor, Newport current-voltage and spectral response/quantum efficiency from 350 nm to 1800 nm.

Battery & Ultracapacitor Fabrication & Testing Station

Coin cell fabrication in programmable MBraun glove box, Arbin charge/discharge cycle testing, Gamry cyclic voltammetry and impedance spectrometry

Spectrophotometric Facility

Varian absorption, transmittance and reflectance of light from 175 to 17000 nm

BET/Sorption Analysis Facility

Physisorption, chemisorptions, vaporsorption, BET surface analysis, mass spectrometer, and hydrogen storage characteristics of nanoporous materials

Rapid Wet Chemical Processing

Environmental controlled spin coater, dip coater for low cost energy device fabrication

Colloid and Nanoparticle Characterization

Full characterization of nano-dispersed and colloidal systems using single particle optical sizing (SPOS)

EMDL will provide many new directions in several research projects in the area of energy/nano materials synthesis, energy/nano materials characterization, energy and electronic device fabrication and testing. This central facility is perfectly suited to support collaborations and sponsored research projects.


Collin Hitchcock, Research Scientist
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