2014-2015 Energy Scholar Sponsors

  • Chart Industries: Mini-Scale natural gas purification for liquifaction
    • Student: Nancy Zhong, CBE
  • GE Power & Water: Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system improvement
    • Student: Jinyuan Yu, CBE
  • National Grid: Effects of optimized microgrids on generation sources
    • Student: Sam Brown, ECSE

    The CFES Energy Scholars program is established to engage RPI junior and senior students in energy-related research and technology development through collaboration with industry. The scholars are selected once a year through a competitive application process. Each Scholar will receive $3,500 scholarship, with additional $500 available to cover research related material and travel expenses. A Scholar will be partnered with a sponsoring company and work on an energy-related research project over the academic year (fall and spring semester). In addition to the scholarship, the student will also receive professional mentoring from both the sponsoring company and a faculty advisor, and have the opportunity to continue the relationship with the company in the form of internship, co-op, or post-graduation job.
  • Students interested in participating in the Energy Scholars program - click here for info, click here for application
  • Companies interested in sponsoring an Energy Scholars student - click here

Qualifications, Expectations, and Application

Junior and senior students , regardless of their major or concentration, in good academic standing and having interests in energy-related technologies and business can apply for the program. The number of Scholars selected each year will depend on the number of sponsors and available funds. The stipend is for the academic semesters; the Scholar can pursue other activities in the summer, including taking an internship with the sponsor (under a separate arrangement with the sponsor). The scholarship will be granted for one year at a time, but can be renewed; an application for renewal follows the same procedure as a new application and will be reviewed by the same criteria.

Describe your proposed research on a particular subject in one of the following areas. The proposal should include a title, background information, objectives, approaches and methodology. Discussion with a faculty advisor is encouraged and inquiries to CFES about industry interests in different areas are welcome. General areas of interests include:

  • Materials for energy harvesting, conversion, and storage
  • Design, testing and application of PV, wind turbine, batteries, fuel cells, lighting, and other energy devices
  • Renewable energy grid integration, power electronics, power systems, electric transportation, smart grids, smart buildings

A Scholar is expected to:

  • Propose and conduct research on the general areas of interest above,
  • Interact regularly with the sponsor through the mentor,
  • Visit the sponsor at least once each semester, and
  • Present the research work to the sponsor at the conclusion of the program.

To be considered, a student must submit an application consisting of the following items:

  • A complete application form (click here to download) that includes a description of personal interests in energy as well as a research plan
  • Resume
  • Academic transcripts (unofficial copy is acceptable)

The research plan has to specify the relevant scope of interests defined above. Applications can be submitted either electronically or in print, and have to be received by the CFES contact person listed in the application form before the deadline. Applicants who need recommendations for a faculty advisor in certain subject area can contact CFES for assistance. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the applicant to secure the support and endorsement of a faculty advisor. Applications will be reviewed by a faculty panel appointed by CFES Director based on the following criteria:

  • Interest in energy as demonstrated in the application as well as previous activities
  • Quality of the research plan and relevance to potential sponsor’s interests
  • Overall academic standing


Timeline for 2015-2016 Academic Year

  • April 1, 2015: Student Applications accepted
  • May 15, 2015: Student Application deadline
  • July 31, 2015: Selected Scholars announced


Contact Information

For questions about industry sponsors and sponsorship, contact
Martin A. Byrne
Associate Director, Center for Future Energy Systems; (518) 276-6953