CFES Annual Conference

March 26, 2014

Hilton Garden Inn, Troy, NY 12180


Final Program

We are pleased to announce the 2013-2014 Annual Conference of the Center for Future
Energy Systems (CFES) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. The conference is
re-scheduled for Wednesday, March 26, 2014 and will be held in the Hilton Garden Inn
in Troy, NY. Major activities of the event include:
- Three parallel oral presentation sessions
- Luncheon with invited keynote speech
- A poster session with reception

The oral sessions will feature presentations by world-class experts in three focused
areas: Energy Storage Technologies and Applications, Energy Efficiency, and Grid
Resiliency and Microgrids. In addition to Center researchers, there will also be invited
industry speakers presenting in these sessions. The poster session will showcase CFES
research and industry collaboration in numerous areas and provide additional
opportunities for individual and more in-depth technical discussion with Center

Please mark your calendar for this unique opportunity to learn about the latest
advances in energy and to participate in dynamic discussions with CFES partners from
academic, industry and government agencies.

2104 Conference Schedule: March 26, 2014

Registration (9:00 - 10:00am)

Parallel Oral Sessions - Morning (10:00 - 11:40)

A1 - Energy Storage Technologies and Applications

B1 - Energy Efficiency

C1 - Grid Resiliency and Microgrids

Lunch with Keynote Speech: John B. Rhodes, President, NYSERDA (11:40 - 1:40)

Parallel Oral Sessions - Afternoon (1:40 - 3:00)

A2 - Energy Storage Technologies and Applications

B2 - Energy Efficiency

C2 - Grid Resiliency and Microgrids

Poster Session (3:00 - 6:30) - Numerous Topics Related to Energy

Including Reception and Best Student Poster Awards

Registration is required for attending the conference and seats are limited, so please register early – registration deadline is March 14, 2014. Please click here for the Registration Form. Please contact Lisa Valenti at or (518) 276-6754 if you need additional information or have any questions.




For reference, proceeds from last year's CFES Annual Conference are below:

January 25, 2013 Technical Program:

  • Session A – Advanced Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion
  1. Synchronizing Energy and Power Through Process and Crystal Engineering, Shailesh Upreti, Primet Precision Materials
  2. Hierarchical Nanostructured Porous Carbon for Energy-related Applications, Kisung Chae and Liping Huang, RPI
  3. Block Copolymer Based Nanomaterials for Energy Conversion and Storage, Jörg Werner and Ulrich Wiesner, Cornell University
  4. Molecular Electrocatalysts for Solar Fuel Production, Peter Dinolfo, RPI
  5. Understanding Materials-based Limitations in  Energy Devices: the Importance of in Operando Analysis, Yingchao Yu and Hector Abruña, Cornell University
  6. Hierarchical Porous Carbon Scaffolds as a Platform for Studying Electrochemical Systems,Luis Estevez and Emmanuel Giannelis, Cornell University
  7. Hydrocarbon Fuel Cell Membranes Containing Perfluorosulfonic Acid Group, Ying Chang, Chulsung Bae, et al., RPI
  • Session B – Semiconductors for Energy Applications
  1. Advanced SiC MOSFETs for High Power Applications, Ljubisa Stevanovic, et al., GE Global Research Center
  2. GaN Power Devices,Mike Briere, International Rectifier
  3. High Voltage Normally-off GaN MOSC-HEMTs on Silicon Substrates for Power Switching Applications, Zhongda Li, John Waldron, Rohan Dayal, Leila Parsa, Mona Hella, and T. Paul Chow, RPI
  4. GaN for Large-Scale Power Efficiency, Christian Wetzel, RPI
  5. Semiconductor Integration Paradigms for Renewable Energy Systems, Theodore Letavic, IBM TJ Watson Research Center
  6. Si and GaAs Power Integrated Circuits, Mona Hella, RPI
  7. Monolithic Optoelectronic Integration of GaN High-Voltage Power FETs and LEDs with a Selective Epi Removal Process, J. Waldron, R. Karlicek, and Paul Chow, RPI
  • Session C – Renewable Energy and Smart Grid
  1. Solar Power Conversion and System Optimization, Rui Zhou, GE Global Research Center
  2. Adaptive Control of Grid-Connected Inverters for Renewable Energy Applications, Mauricio Cespedes and Jian Sun, RPI
  3. Online Measurement of Power Grid Impedance, Tomi Roinila and Jian Sun, RPI
  4. Big Data Analytics for Renewable Energy: bigDAARE, Mark J. Embrechts, RPI
  5. Phasor State Estimation for Data Accuracy Improvement and Power Transfer Interface Monitoring, Scott Ghiocel and Joe Chow, RPI
  6. Power System State Estimation Using a Non-Iterative Direct State Calculation Method, Tony Jiang, Bruce Fardanesh, Deepak Maragal, George Stefopoulos, and Joe Chow, RPI
  7. An Advanced Open-Source Model for Predicting the Effects of Power-Sector Policies and Investments, Daniel Shawhan, et al., RPI, and William Schulze, Cornell University

Congratulations to the 2013 Student Poster Award Winners:

Poster 1. Effect of Low Melting, Crystallizable Glass (Glass-Ceramic) on Sintering Behavior and Dielectric Properties of Barium Titanate, Xiaofeng Su, J. Keith Nelson, Douglas B. Chrisey, and Minoru Tomozawa, RPI

Poster 16. Synthesis of Gyroidal Mesoporous Carbon with Controllable, Ultralarge Pore Sizes, Jörg Werner and Ulrich Wiesner, Cornell University

Poster 31. High Voltage Normally-off GaN MOSC-HEMTs on Silicon Substrates for Power Switching Applications, Zhongda Li, John Waldron, Rohan Dayal, Leila Parsa, Mona Hella, and Paul Chow, RPI

Poster 33. BitTorrent-inspired Decentralized Smart Grid Management, Matthew Titus and Wayne Bequette, RPI