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Fall 2014 Program Calendar of Events
All students are welcomed to attend any event listed below.

CLASS Programs

Freshman Career Compass

Career Center 101
Learn about what the CCPD has to offer you as a freshman! Plus get tips on
FOCUS2, our online personality and careers assessment and JobLink, our job-posting system that is only available to RPI students. Same presentation at 5 pm, 6 pm & 7 pm.
Date: 9/22 | Time: 5pm, 6pm & 7pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Professionalism in the Classroom: Networking with Faculty & Building Your Resume
Building relationships early on with faculty can help when looking for references,
research or additional opportunities. Faculty Speaker, Frank Wright from the Lally School of Management and Technology, 5 – 6 pm and Resume Workshop with Critiques at 6pm & 7pm
Date: 10/20 | Time: 5pm, 6pm & 7pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209

SMART Scholarship Information Session
Date: 11/17 | Time: 5pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Sophomore Career Experience

SCE Resumania
Date: 9/2 | Time: 10am-12pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209
Date: 9/11 | Time: 2-4pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Career Prep 101
A 1-hour presentation by our SCE sponsors. The same presentation will be offered at both 4 & 7 pm. Between the workshops, we will be hosting resume critiquing, LinkedIn Photo Booth and information booths. Light food and refreshments will be served. Program will be presented by ExxonMobil, FactSet, GE, Johnson & Johnson, US Navy Nuclear Program and the Center for Career and Professional Development.
Date: 9/3| Time: 4pm & 7pm | Location: DCC 308 & Great Hall

Phone screens? Behavioral versus technical interviews? It's a tight job market, and being successful in your interviews is essential. If you've ever wondered how to best prepare for these interviews or what to anticipate during them, this is the workshop for you. SCE sponsors will show you how to ACE the interview! The same presentation will be offered at both 4 & 7 pm.
Date: 9/17 | Time: 4pm & 7pm | Location: DCC 318

Junior & Senior Professional Series

Job Search 101
Searching for an internship for this summer or full time employment after Graduation?  Don’t know what to say to the recruiters at the career fair?  Learn some tips that will help you land that job or internship, and how to make a good impression at the career fair.
Date: 9/15 | Time: 6pm | Location: Union 3602

Writing an Effective Personal Statement
Presented by KAPLAN
A good personal statement can unlock the Graduate School Door -- a poorly written one will lock it up. Come learn what makes a personal statement effective when applying to Graduate School.
Date: 10/7| Time: 3pm | Location: Union 3606

Professional Schools & the Co-Term Program
Join this panel event consisting of local college representatives that will help you understand the graduate school process and answer any questions you might have! The panel will consist of professional school admissions represent-atives, plus RPI's Co-Terminal program.
Date:10/14 | Time: 5pm | Location: Mother's, Union

PhD Seminar

View from the Other Side
Presented by Dave Gentes, MIT Lincoln Labs
Have you ever wondered what happens to a resume once it is submitted to an online sys-tem? This program will take some of the mystery out of the on-line process that seems like a black hole to candidates. You’ll also get resume writing tips and successful application strategy and insight to help you in your job search.
Date: 8/20| Time: 1pm | Location: Union 2424

Additional Programs

Co-op Informational Meeting
Co-op can make a difference in finding a job after graduation. Hear about co-op, how the program works and how to get involved.
Date: 9/9 | Time: 4pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209
Date: 9/18 | Time: 5pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Employers and counselors will be available for quick resume critiques.
Dates: 9/18 through 9/25| Time: 1-3pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Never Let Them See You Sweat, Part 1
Presented by Dr. Keith Anderson, RPI Counseling Center.
This two-part program is designed to help students cope with the anxiety that often accompanies interview situations.  Session one: We will discuss the common symptoms of anxiety and learn how these symptoms develop in a variety of social situations including public speaking, social events, and job interviews.  We will also discuss some of the causes for these symptoms in these situations.
Date: 9/12 | Time: 12pm | Location: Union 2424 

Never Let Them See You Sweat, Part 2
Presented by Dr. Keith Anderson, RPI Counseling Center.
In this session we will discuss some strategies for reducing anxiety in all social situations, specifically we will focus on reducing the anxiety that often occurs during a job interview. We will explore the use of various forms of relaxation training and the instructor will lead the group through a relaxation exercise that can be used before an interview situation. Resources for other forms of relaxation training will also be provided.
Date: 9/22 | Time: 12pm | Location: Union 2424

International Students Working in the USA
A special seminar for those who don’t have US Citizenship or Permanent Resident status. Securing employment in the United States will be explored. Recommended for all international students.
Date: 9/10 | Time: 6pm | Location: DCC 324

Co-op Welcome Back Party
We’re having a get-together for all co-op students!! If you are returning to cam-pus after a semester or more away, join us in a conversation about your co-op and your transition back to classes. We’ll share a few stories, have good food, and fun! Please RSVP to cairnd@rpi.edu by Thursday September 11th.
Date: 9/15 | Time: 5pm | Location: Mother's. Union

I Can't See You: How to be Successful in Phone Interviews
Presented by Katie Montembeault, KITWARE
This program will show students how to successfully get through a first round phone interview. It will provide you with tips, strategies and what not to do in order to ensure success!
Date: 9/18 | Time: 5pm | Location: Union 3606

What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman
Presented by Anthony Lewitt, IBM Software Group Program Director
This is an informal session sharing best practices pulled together from College Recruiters, designed to help you in thinking about your time at college in preparation for the next step -- a career! This information is not specific to any major or curriculum. You will learn practical ideas on how to become a better qualified candidate upon graduation - to get you to the front of the line! And, just by attending this session as a Freshman or Sophomore student -- you are already ahead of the game.
Date: 9/23 | Time: 5pm | Location: Union 3602

Networking & LinkedIn 101
Discover the in's and out's of professional networking and how to use it to your advantage during your job search.
Date: 9/29 | Time: 5pm | Location: Union 3602

SEMI Panel Presentation
The seminar will cover:

  • Overview of careers in high tech, sought after degrees and skill sets
  • First hand discussions with engineers, marketing and sales, management, finance, recruiting and human resources.
  • The best approach to resumes and cover letters
  • Common Interview Questions and Answers
  • Preparing for the interview, tips on behavior, what to wear, etc.
  • Learning and Networking with High Tech Industry Experts

Our instructors are all volunteers coming from High Tech Semiconductor Industries such as, Applied Materials, Applied Seals, Dow, Entegris, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and others. They hold positions at these companies in Human resources, Recruiting, Engineering, Marketing, Finance and Management.
Registration Required
Date: 10/16 | Time: 8am-12pm | Location: Blitman Conference Room

Resumania on the Road
Counselors will be available for quick resume critiques.

Off Campus Students: OPEN TO ALL
Date: 8/27 | Time: 3-5pm | Location: RU 3202

North Hall/E. Complex
Date: 9/8| Time: 6-8pm | Location: TBA

Date: 9/9| Time: 5-7pm | Location: Warren Lounge

Date: 9/11| Time: 5-7pm | Location: TBA

Date: 9/30| Time: 5-7pm | Location: Lounge

On the Go Workshops
30-minute presentations.

JobLink: Learn how to utilize this tool for your job search and how to submit resumes for On-Campus Recruiting positions, open jobs and much more.
Date: 9/2 | Time: 9am| Location: CCPD, DCC 209
Date: 9/10 | Time: 12pm| Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Career Fair: Strategies to be prepared to speak to employers at the Career Fair.
Date: 9/19 | Time: 4pm| Location: CCPD, DCC 209
Date: 9/24 | Time: 10am| Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Resume: How to build and create your resume
Date: 9/4 | Time: 4pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209
Date: 9/16 | Time: 10am | Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Cover Letter: Steps on how to create a cover letter.
Date: 9/3 | Time: 12pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209
Date: 9/12 | Time: 3pm | Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Interview: Basic interview skills covering phone, technical and behavioral.
Date: 10/2 | Time: 2pm| Location: CCPD, DCC 209
Date: 10/6 | Time: 9am| Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Job Search: Basic strategies to use in a job search and tips on resources to find the opportunities.
Date: 10/3| Time: 3pm| Location: CCPD, DCC 209
Date: 10/8| Time: 12pm| Location: CCPD, DCC 209

Co-op Program: Workshop covering the Cooperative Education program at RPI.
Date: 10/1 | Time: 3pm| Location: CCPD, DCC 209
Date: 10/9 | Time: 11am| Location: CCPD, DCC 209

CCPD Joblink
For CCPD Workshops and Events, SCE and the CCPD Spring Career Fair
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CCPD Joblink
JobLink is the CCPD’s online recruiting & job posting system.

The calendar of events includes employer information sessions, interview dates and workshop information. In order to best prepare for these programs and show employers your interest, please RSVP for the events through JobLink.

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