C&CT Web Site Production

When the planning stage is complete, a web site project enters into active production based on the site specification. C&CT offers two methods for building web sites:

  1. Static web pages:

    These are flat text files that will reside, typically, in AFS space. Static pages are simple to deploy, but page design is comingled with the core content of the site, and the content is not automated in any way. Static web pages are a good choice for simple web sites that require infrequent updates.

    Maintaining static web content is accomplished by editing text files directly using a text editor, Adobe GoLive, or Macromedia Dreamweaver. Other editors may be used, although we do not encourage the use of Microsoft FrontPage.

  2. Dynamic web sites:

    These are database driven sites using a locally developed content managment system. These web sites are template driven and the content can be automated in a number of ways to meet your needs.

    Content for dynamic sites is maintained through a web interface that can be accessed anywhere, making this a good choice for those who have a need to regularly publish timely information such as news.

Production Overview

Regardless of type of web site you choose, the production cycle will follow the following steps: