C&CT Web Site Maintenance

Why & When

Maintaining a web site is important for the site to be useful and for encouraging repeat visits. Web sites must respond to the needs of its users. While the information on your site may not change often, the context in which your web site sits within the Web at large and the greater Rensselaer web presence shifts constantly. Be prepared to edit content, update ever-changing linkage and generally maintain the functionality of your site at a moment's notice. Your users will appreciate it.


Maintenance normally is the responsibility of the department or office to whom the site belongs. Those closest to the content want to update content without interference or delays from others. Each department or office should identify at least two people who will have read/write access to the directory or application that hosts site. Naming more than one person ensures that adequate coverage can be provided in the event an immediate update is needed.


Also consider how the code in your site will be produced relative to how it will be maintained. If the code is initially generated by a WYSIWYG tool (e.g., Dreamweaver, GoLive) and maintained in the source (HTML), the editor will have a difficult time parsing the code produced by the WYSIWYG software. If, however, you decide to use C&CT's authoring tool for dyanmic web sites, production and maintenance are handled in the same manner.