C&CT Web Site Assessment Guidelines

Communication & Collaboration Technologies evaluates web sites as-needed and as part of our web site production process. Expert evaluation, user testing and focus group surveys are among the methods we use. User-testing and focus groups are costly and time-consuming, although highly valuable in improving the qualify of your site. Typically a web site receives only our expert assessment before we enter into the project. (Our collective experience is greater than the age of the Web itself.) In any case, a site assessment allows everyone involved to have a clear picture of the project's status and objectives.

Long considered one of the best web site development resources, from the conception and planning phases to implementation, the Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition will help you every step of the way. We highly recommend it.

Assessment Criteria

The following list is meant to be indicative of the types of metrics we use to assess a web site. Qualities that may be unique to your site may require additional criteria.

  1. The web site has a clearly discernible purpose.
  2. Plans for long-term editorial management are clearly defined and the editors have the tools and training they need.
  3. Content is appropriately organized, classified and "chunked".
  4. Persistent links exist to important sections in the site and to standard Rensselaer sites (i.e., RPI Home, RPInfo, etc.).
  5. For official sites, the Rensselaer logo must be used according to graphic standard guidelines.