C&CT Web Development Overview

"Today, the field of Web design is seen much more as a craft than an art, where function takes precedence over form and content is king. ...today's Web designers are also information architects and usability engineers, and a user-centered design approach is the key to a successful Web site."

Web Style Guide, Preface to the 2nd Edition

Communication & Collaboration Technologies offers web development assistance to Rensselaer and its organizations in the following key areas:

  1. Web site evaluation / assessment
  2. Web site planning
  3. Web site production
  4. Establishing a web site maintenance regimen
  5. Web application development

While our applicaton development mission is enterprise in scope, our web site development aim is to propagate user-centric, community focused web sites that help Rensselaer organizations provide services to their audiences.

Project Relationship

If you would like C&CT to assist you with a web development project, please contact us.

After discussing your request with you, we will set up a project relationship, identifying initial participants and project scope. Unless your request is exclusively for web site assessment, your project will then move into the planning stage.