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New Parking Garage Now Available

The College Avenue parking garage is now available as of January 12, 2004.

General Parking Information

Members of the Rensselaer community who are eligible for garage parking should note the following:

  • The garage is gated and entry will require a decal permit and transponder, 24 hours a day.
  • The garage features a closed-circuit television security system, code blue emergency phones, stairs and glass enclosed elevator.
  • Vehicles will access the garage via Gate B on College Avenue (near 13th Street), and then proceed to the garage's east entrance near Cogswell.
  • During the initial months of operation, parking will be available on levels 2, 3 and 4. The Level 1 ground floor, which is below grade, will remain closed due to the continued construction of the electrical substation. To avoid the cost of snow removal Level 5, the top floor, will not be used until the capacity of that level is needed. (Please refer to the garage floor plan [PDF 184KB] for more details.)
  • Stairway A is located on the east end next to Cogswell, closest to the main car entrance. Stairway B and the elevator are located on the west end. Stairway B also allows pedestrian access to campus from College Avenue, making it possible to walk through the Polymer Center to the campus from level 2 of the garage. This is the most direct access into the Research Quad to VCC, JRSC, JEC and the rest of campus. At this time, the walkway through the Polymer Center is temporary and is not wheelchair accessible. The permanent walkway will open after commencement.)
  • The fee for parking in the garage will be $350/year, which will be deducted from your paycheck in pre-tax dollars. The fee will be pro-rated for the remainder of this year.
  • If you have requested garage parking, your transponder will automatically be re-programmed and you will be allowed access only to the garage effective January 12. (You don't need to say it in the memo, but I'd like to allow dual access for the 1st week to make sure everyone is back and gets the notice) You do not need to go to the parking office for transponder re-programming. If you have not requested garage parking, but would like to do so, please send an e-mail to

Garage Safety

Work will continue on the parking garage after it opens. Brickwork and glazing will be completed over the next month. Final sidewalks and road paving will be installed after commencement. For your own safety, please do not walk into marked areas of construction.

Access for the Disabled

  • Several handicapped accessible parking spaces are located at the east entrance to the parking garage.
  • A new handicapped accessible parking lot has also been constructed next to Cogswell, and a metered visitor's lot [PDF 184KB] will be available in February.

Additional Parking

  • Metered parking will be available on 15th Street, College Avenue and within the Academy Hall parking lots.
  • Parking restrictions on 15th Street and College Avenue will be enforced by City of Troy Police and Public Safety.

Vehicular Access to Campus

There will be some restrictions in effect through the Spring Semester:

  • Vehicular access to campus will be limited, and permits are required.
  • Only trucks, emergency vehicles and handicapped drivers will be allowed to drive onto campus at Gates B and C.
  • Gate C may be closed for EMPAC site excavation starting in February.
  • There will be construction staging areas remaining in the Research Quad, at Service Gate B and south of MRC throughout the semester.

Pedestrian Access to Campus

Pedestrians will be able to enter campus from the Academy Hall lot using the temporary walkway and crossing over the service drive to the Research Quad at JRSC.

Pedestrians may also enter at Service Gate B (near 13th Street and the east end of the Garage) or at Parking Garage Stair B (west end) and use the elevator to get to campus level. (Please refer to the parking garage map [PDF 184KB].)

All pedestrians coming from the East Campus are urged to walk to the 15th Street overpass to access the main campus core. Construction on the Biotech Center will continue through the spring semester, and pedestrians must walk around the site.

Infrastructure and Landscaping

The work on College Avenue and 15th Street has been substantially completed; new streetlights, sidewalks and roadways are already in place. New traffic lights at 15th and College Avenue are also operational. Final landscaping and the Biotech promenade will be completed in summer 2004.