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Access Control Plan for Campus Buildings

A phased plan is under way to install access-control on the academic campus buildings given Homeland Security issues and the desire to improve upon general campus security. This plan will be an expansion of the access control technology that has been used to maintain security on our residential campus for approximately 10 years.

The Troy Building will be the next facility to receive access control and will serve as a pilot program for other academic buildings to follow, shortly. It should be noted that the Biotechnology and EMPAC facilities will have access control upon completion.

Beginning Monday, January 12, the Troy building will be open during the hours of 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday on business days. Access to the building will be available only through the Main Entrance doors on the 2000 level. The rear or northeast entrance to the building will be secured at all times, except for providing handicapped access. A security desk has been placed at the 2000 level elevator to effect this operation. Access to the upper levels of the Troy Building will only be enabled through use of the elevator via the 2000 level.

Everyone will be required to possess and display their Rensselaer Access/ID for access to all levels of the Troy Building, except the 2000 level. Visitors to the building will also need to display a photo ID (e.g. driver's license). Building occupants will be able to enter the building any time the building is secured by using their Rensselaer Access/ID card to open locked doors.

Students having classes in the 2000 level classrooms will have direct access to the classrooms without a check of their student ID. Students requiring access to the Registrar's/Bursar's Office located on the 1000 level will be required to show their student ID to the security officer located at the 2000 level security desk. The student will then use the stairwell to proceed to the Registrar's Office and may exit via the handicapped exit.

Handicapped access will continue to be via the 1000 level northeast entrance. A doorbell will be installed to alert the security officer as to the presence of a handicapped person requesting access.

Bernard Drobnicki
Director, Public Safety
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
(518) 276-8527 (518) 276-8279 FAX