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RPInfo homepage is refreshed

RPInfo has a fresh new look! Actually, you'll find that the new site is very similar to the old one in many ways. For example, it still consists of three main sections:

  • Header with navigation tabs, bars, and buttons -- The new look adds a graphic element which is very similar to that of the public events calendar and the new version of WebMail which is coming soon. The top-level "quick links" have been updated, and the search windows are more prominent and easier to find.
  • A collection of useful links on the left-hand side. The links section in the new RPInfo is very similar to that of the previous version, but we have consolidated the categorization and updated the list of links.
  • News, events, and alerts in the "On the Hill" section. Again, the new OTH section is very similar to its predecessor, but the infrastructure behind it is completely different. Most items are dynamically generated, while the rest is managed through a content management system deployed for some other campus websites. The new OTH section requires much less editing, and allows more people to add, edit, and delete items without being web specialists.

Change in on-line directories

You will notice that the on-line directory in the new RPInfo no longer displays preferred e-mail addresses in a "harvestable" form. (Although there are many ways in which spammers collect, or "harvest," e-mail addresses, one of the most prevalent ways is to "crawl" on-line directories.) Mail-to URLs can be very convenient for sending e-mail, but they also make it very easy for spammers and other marketers to harvest them. Instead, RPInfo's more readable new display now provides a vcard for download. More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that, although each e-mail address appears to be text, it actually consists of a series of graphics images that are less likely to be harvested.

Link from Rensselaer's external page

Also note that Rensselaer's external web presence, located at, will soon have an easy-to-find link to RPInfo.

Coming soon...

WebMail will not only have a new look which is consistent with RPInfo's new design, but it has also been upgraded and rearchitected. This new version is faster, more reliable, and easier to use.

Rensselaer's institutional calendars will provide "personal calendars" which display only the public calendars to which you wish to subscribe. You will also have the ability to add "personal" events to your calendar.