Walter M. Polansky, Ph.D.

Senior Advisor to the Associate Director for Advanced Scientific Computing Research, U.S. Department of Energy


Dr. Polansky is a Senior Advisor to the Associate Director for Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) in the Office of Science. The mission of the ASCR program is to underpin DOE's world leadership in scientific computation by supporting research in applied mathematics, computer science and high-performance networks and providing the high-performance computational and networking resources that are required for world leadership in science.

In 2006, Dr. Polansky lead a team of program managers from the Office of Science, the National science Foundation and the NNSA that recompeted the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing program, resulted in a portfolio of research partnerships with an annual budget of nearly $67,000,000 . The goal of SciDAC is to fully realize the potential of petascale computing for advancing scientific discovery. Earlier this year, Walt restructured the SciDAC program to strengthen the computational collaborations by organizing the SciDAC Institutes under a common set of management guidelines. As a result, the SciDAC Institutes, as an ensemble, can focus on the SciDAC goal while preserving flexibility and agility within each Institute to meet computational challenges posed by all partnering organizations. Three SciDAC Institutes were initiated two months ago and Funding Opportunity Announcements were issued requesting proposals for all SciDAC computational partnerships.

Dr. Polansky also served as the Acting Senior Information Management Executive for the Office of Science, and was responsible for reporting information technology, in accordance with OMB Circular A-11, the Clinger-Cohen Act and the Federal Information Security Management Act. The Office of Science information technology portfolio is comprised of over 275 investments, ranging in complexity from desktop systems through Leadership Computing resources, and at the time, was valued at $335,000,000.

Dr. Polansky has been responsible for the Department of Energy’s SBIR and STTR programs and served as the Director of the Laboratory Technology Research Division, a research program that provided the initial pathway, through research collaborations DOE laboratories and private sector partners, for linking new research results to an energy application with a significant payoff. Just recently, Walt led an effort within the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research to strategically re-orient its SBIR and STTR topics to develop and commercialize ASCR-developed scientific software for use by the broad computational community, including industry.


Ph.D., Physics, University of Cincinnati, 1975.
M.S., Physics, University of Cincinnati, 1972.
B.S., Physics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1970.

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