Martins Innus

Lead Scientific and Urban Visualization Specialist,
State University of New York at Buffalo

Industry Collaboration in Visualization

Engineering, architectural, and planning firms often need assistance outside their field of expertise in order to present their work with the most impact. This support could come in at any time; from the competitive bidding process, all the way to the public presentation of designs well after an award has been made. We will present a variety of cases where CCR has collaborated with local business partners in the areas of urban planning, design, construction and public outreach to develop virtual 3D models of proposed projects. Often, the local business has the resources necessary to develop CAD plans and drawings suitable for design and construction, but do not have the capabilities or "know how" to produce an interactive computer model. Presented will be several case studies where we have worked with both companies located in New York as well as state agencies to develop visualization software and services to help facilitate the planning process and inform the public and other stakeholders.


Mr. Innus is the Lead Scientific and Urban Visualization Specialist at the Center for Computational Research (CCR) at SUNY-Buffalo. He is responsible for visualization projects at CCR spanning multiple departments at the University including, but not limited to, Medicine, Architecture, and Engineering. Mr. Innus is intimately familiar with designing and creating large scale software packages as well as doing extensive data manipulation for the purpose of combining data from disparate sources. In the field of Urban Planning, he has developed multiple visualization packages to aid in the design and construction of various projects. These applications include the ability to use the compute resources at CCR to generate large scale terrain databases. Also, he has worked with local industry to provide HPC solutions in the field of animation and design.

Workshop Program
updated: 2011-10-19