Alisa Neeman, Ph.D.

Scientific Programmer, State University of New York at Buffalo

HPC Software-as-a-Service

High Performance Computing has traditionally meant large outlays of capital for equipment, staff, and power. There is usually a stiff learning curve for a user just to submit jobs, multiplied by each piece of software they are interested in using. This talk covers portal based high performance computing, where a user logs in to a web browser, uploads data, chooses parameters, and at the click of a button starts the job on a remote supercomputer. With this model, the costs for equipment, staff, and power are shared by many more users, which reduces capital outlay. The learning curve is greatly reduced by user-friendly, familiar web interfaces. This talk will showcase several case studies (both industrial and academic), and cover the strengths and weaknesses of the Software-As-A-Service model for a variety of research and academic goals.


Alisa Neeman is a scientific programmer at University at Buffalo's Center for Computational Research (CCR). She works on the HPC2 web portal as well as helping researchers and industry clients using CCR resources. Prior to working for CCR, Dr. Neeman worked as a Graduate Student Researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory and as an intern at IBM. Dr. Neeman received her BS and MS in computer science from SUNY Binghamton. She received her PhD in computer science from UC Santa Cruz in 2009. Her research interests include scientific visualization, grid computing and storage systems.

Workshop Program
updated: 2011-10-13