Johannes Goebel

Director, EMPAC


"Because EMPAC takes us into entirely uncharted territory, because it is impossible to define the concepts of the future, because we are moving to an age where complexity of challenges demands complexity of approach - it is logical that EMPAC will be and will become different things to different people," says Rensselaer President Shirley Ann Jackson.

"Some envision a platform for performance...others see EMPAC as a multi-tiered instrument of music, of movement, and of sound and light. Still others see it as an implement for research and innovation across a broad spectrum of fields. The truly unique and new will occur where all of these perspectives come together to intersect, collaborate, and create. I know of no other university making this degree of commitment to its intellectual and physical transformation."

These statements encapsulate the challenge to Johannes Goebel and his collaborators in the development of this unique platform. Professor Goebel will describe the design process, the resulting building, and the future development of programming and research in the center.

updated: 2008-10-23