Conference Topics at a glance:

  • Latest developments in Product Tagging and Tracking
  • Chipless Technologies for Product Identification
  • Chipless RFID technologies for Product Identification
  • Tracking and Tracing in the following industries:
    Supply Chain, Retail, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Manufacturing, Document Management
  • Lessons Gained from Chip-Based RFID
  • Product and Asset Authentication:
    Counterfeit Detection, Grey Market, Hijacked Goods Identification, etc.
  • Standards setting for Chipless ID
  • Economies of Automated Identification
  • Future Technological Directions
  • Radio Frequency Non-Silicon Chip tag technology
  • Optical tagging and identification technology
  • Other tagging and identification
  • Newest Holograph Designs
  • Optical Resonance for Identification
  • UHF, Gigahertz and Terahertz Explained

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