Graduate Student Thesis & Dissertation Titles

Ph.D. Students and Dissertations - Completed at Texas A&M University
  1. Jay M. Ochterbeck - Ph.D., August 1993, "Restart of a Heat Pipe from the Frozen State: Incorporating Thermal History Effects"
  2. Allen B. Duncan - Ph.D., August 1993, "Experimental and Analytical Evaluation of Etched Micro Heat Pipes"
  3. Arnab K. Mallik - Ph.D, August 1993, "Vapor Deposited Micro Heat Pipe Modeling, Testing, and Development"
  4. Bonghun Kim, Ph.D. - May 1994, "Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Entrainment in Operating Heat Pipes"
  5. Hongbin Ma - Ph.D., August 1995, "The Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Pressure Drop and Maximum Heat Transport in Triangular Grooves - A study of Idealized Micro Heat Pipes"
  6. Ja-Mann Ha, Ph.D. - December 1995, "Capillary Performance and Heat Transfer of the Evaporating Liquid Thin Film in a Triangular Microgroove"
  7. Chang S. Chang - Ph.D., December 1996, "Frictional Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer Characteristics in Microchannels"
  8. James T. Dickey - Ph.D., December 1996, "Investigation of Liquid-Vapor Flow and heat Transfer in Porous Media"
  9. Xiao-Jun Lu - Ph.D., December 1997 "Analysis of the Freeze/Thaw Characteristics of External Artery Heat Pipes"
  10. Donald P. Shatto - Ph.D., December 1998 "Vertical In-tube Flow Boiling of Mixtures"
  11. Yaxiong Wang - Ph.D., May 2001 "Flexible Micro Scale Heat Pipe Radiators"

M.S. Students and Theses - Completed at Texas A&M University
  1. Preetam Patnaik - M.S., August 1987, "Parametric Modeling of a Bellows Heat Pipe for Electronic Component Cooling"
  2. Clark R. Havis, M.S. - December 1987, "Effects of Fiber Direction on Heat Conduction in Unidirectionally Aligned Fiber Composites"
  3. Tik K. Kang - M.S., December 1989, "Effect of Metallic Coatings on the Thermal Contact Conductance of Turned Surfaces"
  4. Abu H. Chowdhury - M.S., December 1989, "Reduced Pressure and Temperature Reclamation of Water Using the GE Integrated Water-Waste Management System for Potential Space Flight Applications"
  5. Allen B. Duncan - M.S., December 1990, "Effective Thermal Conductivity of Packed Beds of Spheres"
  6. Jay M. Ochterbeck - M.S., August 1990, "Thermal Contact Conductance of Metallic Coated Superconductor/Copper Interfaces at Cryogenic Temperatures"
  7. Bruce R. Babin - M.S., August 1991, "Ion Drag Pump Assisted Heat Pipes"
  8. Marvin D. Szeto - M.S., May 1992, "Experimental Investigation of a Micro Heat Pipes in Zero-g"
  9. James T. Dickey - M.S., December 1993, "Modeling and Testing of a Capillary Pressure Driven Heat Transfer Loop"
  10. Alicia H. Howard - M.S., December 1993, "Evaluation of a Heat Pipe Finned Heat Rejection System"
  11. Xiaoquin Liu - M.S., December 1996, "Numerical modeling of the Vapor Flow in Micro Heat Pipes"
  12. Donald P. Shatto - M.S., May 1996, "An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Velocity and Subcooling on Convective Film Boiling in a Circular Tube"
  13. Gregory Starks - M. S., August 1997, "Flow Boiling of Binary Mixtures"
  14. Tony K. Morris - M.S., August 1997, "Thermodynamic Fabrication of High Purity Silicon"
  15. Brian F. Lundy - M.S., May 1998, "A Visualization Comparison of Convective Flow Boiling Heat Transfer Augmentation Devices"
  16. T. Saito - M.S., December 1997, "Evaluation of Thin Film temperature Sensors"
  17. Kimberly I. Renzi - M.S., August 1998, "Designing, Testing, and Modeling Coupled, Flux Transformer Heat Pipes"

Senior Honors Theses Directed - Completed at Texas A&M University
  1. Peter F. Stevenson - Senior Honors Thesis, May 1988, "Thermal Rectification in Dissimilar Metal Contacts"
  2. Gregory Starks - Senior Honors Thesis, May 1989, "Comparative Evaluation of Two Attachment Techniques for Space Station Cold Plates"
  3. Nancy K. Tsai - Senior Honors Thesis, May 1990, "An Investigation of Entrainment limits in Heat Pipes"
  4. Kelly Albrecht - Senior Honors Thesis, May 1991, "A Study of the Refrigeration Characteristics of a Vortex Heat Exchanger"
  5. Tony K. Morris - Senior Honors Thesis, August 1995, "Pool Boiling in Reduced Gravity Environments"
  6. Jason A. Besly - Senior Honors Thesis, May 1996, "Visualization and Analysis of the Onset of Flooding and Entrainment in a Closed Two-Phase Thermosyphon"
  7. Frank Prytle, III - Senior Honors Thesis, May 1997, "Convective Heat Transfer from Fibrous Media for the Thermal Control of Electronic Components"
  8. Brian Corbett, - Senior Honors Thesis, May 2000, "Silicon Fabricated Micro Thermal Structures"
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