A D M I N I S T R A T I O N  D I V I S I O N
Facilities Customer Service Center
The FCSC is a part of the Physical Plant Operation
of the Administration Division at
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY

To report a maintenance or facility-oriented problem:
E-Mail or phone (518) 276-2000
Business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm

When reporting a maintenance problem, please include the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • The specific location of the problem
  • A concise description of the problem

 Facilities Customer Service Center Mission:
The Facilities Customer Service Center was established to be the central clearing house for the maintenance needs of the Rensselaer community. A call or electronic mail to the Facilities Customer Service Center is entered into our computer database and assigned to a maintenance repair or housekeeping crew and a return e-mail will be forwarded informing the caller of the status of the repair.
Our goal is to respond to all requests within 48 hours. If a repair cannot be made within 48 hours, you will be advised as to what action is being taken to solve the problem. We invite feedback on how our system is working for you. To offer suggestions, please contact a representative at
 Hours of Operation:
The Facilities Customer Service Center is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. After office hours, a voice mail system will record your non-emergency requests. This system is checked at the start of each business day and repair requests are processed immediately after the center opens.
For emergency situations, please touch "0" anytime during the voice mail message and your call will be transferred to the repair person on duty or to Public Safety.
 Examples of issues we provide EMERGENCY services:
Personal Safety Issues
Building Safety Issues
  • Door locks inoperable (includes card access)
  • Fire Alarm system inoperable (includes smoke detectors and alarm bells)
  • First floor windows can not be secured
  • Potential personal injury items (broken glass, etc.)
  • Roof or utility leaks in a personal space that is causing damage
  • Lack of heat
  • Roof leaks or structural damage (fixtures, carpets, etc.)
  • Utility breaks (water, gas, electrical, heat or steam)
  • Flooding due to clogged drains or water line breaks.
Roof leaks or drips that can be collected in a container and are not causing damage would be repaired during the next scheduled shift and are considered a non-emergency situation.
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