Deepak Vashishth, Ph.D.

  Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering



Vashishth, D., Tanner, K.E. and Bonfield, W. "Contribution, Development and morphology of microcracking in cortical bone during crack propagation". J. Biomechanics 33, 1169-1174, 2000.

Vashishth, D., Schaffler, M.B.and Fyhrie, D.P. "Osteocyte lacunar density in femoral cortical bone predicts the accumulation of microcracks with age. Bone, 26, No.4, 375-380, 2000.

Vashishth, D., J. Koontz, Qiu, S., Cannon-Lundin, D., Yeni, Y. N., Schaffler, M.B andFyhrie, D.P. "In vivo diffuse damage in human trabecular bone". Bone 26, No. 2, 147-152. 2000.

Vashishth, D., Gibson, G.J., J.I. Khoury, Wilson, C., Schaffler, M.B., Kimura, J. and Fyhrie, D.P. "Accumulation of non-enzymatically mediated glycation end-products leads to the stiffening of type-I collagen network in bone". Trans. of Orthopaedic Res. Society, Vol. 25, 2000.

Vashishth, D., Behiri, J.C. and Bonfield, W. "Crack growth resistance in cortical bone : Concept of microcrack toughening". J. Biomechanics, Vol. 30, pp. 763-769, 1997.






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