Mammalian Fatty Acid Synthase

PDB file 2VZ8

This file depicts the mammalian (pig) Fatty Acid Synthase. The structure was solved by T. Maier, S. Jenni & N. Ban in 2006.

Suggested display options:

Right click the image to choose display cartoon, with color chain. View from various angles.
Note how the two copies of this homodimeric protein wrap around one another in the central stalk domain.
Note also that the overall structure is slightly asymmetric.

Now choose color group, which colors the different catalytic domains of the protein in different colors.
Trace the backbone to see how, e.g., at the blue end of the protein, the terminal domain is folded back to be part of the central stalk. You can follow along the sequence by clicking on different parts of the protein and noting the residue number below. The lowest residue numbers (N-terminus) are in the b-Ketoacyl Synthase (Condensing Enzyme) domain.
You might find it useful, after viewing the entire dimer, to select chain A and select hide, to view just one copy of the protein.

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