Apolipoprotein A-I

PDB file 1AV1

Structure of the truncated human apolipoprotein A-I of HDL, solved by D. W. Borhani, D. P. Rogers, J.A. Engler, & C. G. Brouillette in 1997.

Suggested display options:

First color chain and display as cartoon to see the predominant secondary structure of this tetramer, consisting of two antiparallel dimers with overlapping ends.

Select residue-PRO, and change display to sticks, with color CPK.
the positions of prolines. What is their role?

Then make everything disappear by selecting all, and then hide selection

Type in select *a, *b and display as spacefill. Select protein-hydrophobic and specify a color. Select protein-polar and specify a different color.
Select protein-backbone and then select hide.
is this protein referred to as amphipathic?
What interactions hold the dimer together?

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