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This program is jointly run by:

Dept. of Biological Sciences

Chemistry & Chemical Biology Dept.

Biochemistry and Biophysics (BCBP) is an interdepartmental educational program, with curriculums leading to B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.

Biochemistry and biophysics are closely related fields. Biochemistry focuses on the interconversion of compounds in the many complex reactions of life, on the mechanisms whereby enzymes catalyze and regulate these reactions, and the function and structure of the molecular components of living organisms.

Biophysics is principally concerned with processes of energy conversion, information transmission, and the structure and properties of materials in biological systems, as explored with methods of physics.

Biochemical and biophysical research is advancing the frontiers of research in the basic life sciences and making possible advances in more applied fields such as medicine and agriculture. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, elucidating mechanisms of drug action and devising new ways of dealing with diseases has increasingly depended on application of knowledge and techniques of biochemistry and biophysics.


Chunyu Wang, Director, Biochemistry & Biophysics Graduate Program

George Makhatadze, Curriculum Advisor, Biochemistry & Biophysics Undergraduate Program


Military Doctor-in-Training Paves Her Own Path to Success (May 2009)
While many Rensselaer students can claim work experience, even the most accomplished among them likely can’t admit to helping deliver two babies. Tuesday Fisher, a senior graduating with a dual degree in biochemistry and biophysics and psychology, takes it all in stride as she calmly explains that one of the bundles of joy was delivered into her arms right in the ambulance that she was staffing that night.

Changing the Way We Look at Drug Manufacturing, Malaria, and Spinal Cord Injury (May 2009)
During her time at Rensselaer as a doctoral student in biochemistry and biophysics, Melissa Kemp has worked on research that has drawn international attention and could help protect the lives of millions of people. With 10 publications and a submitted patent, the young scientist has already helped develop research that has implications for drug safety, spinal injury repair, and malaria prevention.

Megan Salt: Charting a Course for Cancer Research (May 2008)
Ask Megan Salt to look to the future and she talks about influencing the direction of cancer research, either as the principal investigator in an academic or industrial setting or as head of a research team.

Jeffrey Martin: Undergrad Has Sweet Success With Invention of Artificial Golgi (May 2008)
An undergraduate student at Rensselaer has learned very quickly that a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine go down. In fact, with his invention, the sugar may actually be the medicine

2008 Undergraduate Research Awards (May 2008)
The 2008 Undergraduate Research Forum & Awards was held on March 21, naming three winners each in the applied and theoretical categories.

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