Rensselaer Washers and Dryers
Laundry rooms are located in the basements of Bray, Cary, Crockett, Hall, Nason, Warren and Sharp Halls. Quad facilities are located in the basement of Hunt. North Hall, Blitman Residence Commons and Polytech have their own laundry rooms and the E-Complex laundry room is in Hirai. You can find the Barton Hall laundry room on the second floor adjacent to the TV lounge. Each wing of Bar-H and each building of Colonie and Stackwyck have a laundry room. RAHP's facilities are in Building #4 on Colvin Circle and the Community Center on Brinsmaid. Laundry rooms are also located in the basement of each Bryckwyck unit.

Auxiliary Services in partnership with ASI Laundry Solutions is happy to announce that LaundryAlertTM is now available for students who reside in Residence halls.

LaundryAlertTM is an exciting new system that allows all machines in your laundry room to be viewed online so that you can:

  • See which machines are available or in use
  • Check laundry room usage
  • Receive an e-mail notification (or SMS text alert) when your laundry is done or when you need machines
  • Send a service request via email

The program is sinple to use, just visit and enter the sign-in code: rpi2012
Washers and Dryers Please follow the recommended instructions for use of the machines. High efficiency (HE) detergent is strongly recommended.
The machines are provided and serviced by ASI Campus Laundry Solutions.
Any problems, malfunctions or suggestions should be reported to the Campus Maintenance Center at 276-2000 or

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