Ranger Company

Mohawk Battalion's Ranger Company consists of many of the best and most motivated Cadets of the Battalion. Ranger Company trains for two days each week, starting in late in the fall semester and continuing for most of the spring semester, in order to develop the prowess of its members' tactical knowledge, small unit leadership skills, and physical fitness.

Members consist of Cadet Ranger Instructors (CRIs), Cadet Rangers (CRs), and Cadet Ranger Candidates (CRCs). The CRIs plan and organize all training; they are the most senior in Ranger Company. The CRs are those that have completed an entire year of Ranger Company and have returned in order to continue to develop themselves and assist with training. The CRCs are the focus of Ranger Company's training; they consist of highly motivated Cadets from the entire Battalion who seek challenge and excellence.

In order to complete Ranger Company as a CRC and become a CR, you must complete all prescribed training and satisfactorily complete two milestones. Ranger Company training includes individual and squad movement techniques (IMT and SMT), field medical skills, weapons familiarization, physical training, offensive mission execution familiarization, and small unit leadership skills. The two milestones, Ranger Company Gateway and the Ranger Qualification Weekend (RQW) are events that test the physical and mental endurance of the CRCs and their ability to work as a team. All members of Ranger Company execute the training outside in a field environment, regardless of the weather, and are provided little time for rest or sleep. The final milestone, RQW, is a three-day field training exercise (FTX) in which the CRCs conduct tactical mission scenarios, known as situational training exercises (STXs) against opposing forces (OPFOR) consisting of the CRIs and CRs. RQW culminates with a 15-kilometer ruck march with a full load of equipment and assigned weapon, in which upon completion, the CRCs become CRs.