Training Events

Our cadets participate in a variety of training events, some like Physical Training (PT) occur a few times a week, others like Leadership Labs or Field Training Exercises (FTX) occur less often.

Weekly Events

Physical Training: Cadets participate in PT three times a week in order to improve their physical condition and meet the Army standard.
Leadership Lab: One class a week, and some weekends.
In Leadership Labs, our cadets get the hands on training needed to be successful as an officer in the Army.

Yearly Events

Mohawk Day: Battalion Orientation, Early in the fall semester.
Mohawk Day is a welcome ceremony Mohawk Battalion cadets and their families. The cadets participate in team building competitions and enjoy a picnic.
Fall FTX: Once in the fall semester
Fall Field Training Exercises are a demanding weekend event where cadets are challenged and learn many new skills. FTX is designed to simulate conditions that cadets will face at Warrior Forge in the summer after their MSIII year.
Dining In: Once in the fall semester
Dining In is less formal than the Military Ball and is exclusively for Mohawk Battalion cadets. It serves to build camaraderie and unity within the Battalion and allow everybody to enjoy themselves in activities such as skits, toasts and the infamous grog bowl.
Spring FTX: Once in the spring semester
Spring Field Training Exercises are a demanding weekend event where cadets participate in Squad Training Exercises (STX) Lanes and learn how to operate effectively as an Army squad.
Military Ball: Once in the spring semester
The Military Ball is a fine Army tradition where military personnel dress in their best uniforms. The ball allows cadets, cadre and guests to interact in a social yet formal environment.
Awards Ceremony: Once in the spring semester
An awards ceremony in the spring gives outstanding cadets an opportunity to be recognized for their hard work and commitment throughout the year.