Academic and Research Computing

Academic and Research Computing

Campus UNIX Systems Support Program: CUSSP

Rensselaer faculty and staff who own UNIX workstations can receive software and hardware support from DotCIO's Networking and Telecommunications group through the Campus UNIX Systems Support Program (CUSSP), which supports IBM, Sun, and SGI workstations. Through this program, you can tailor the support to your needs. You can choose CUSSP's Program 1, DotCIO-Managed Systems, which allows DotCIO to administer your Sun SPARCstation, IBM RISC System 6000, or SGI. The program offers free-of-charge initial setup, five hours of free service per year, and rates of $30/hr thereafter for non-leveraged activities.

However, if your machine does not closely match those on the RCS network, and you want to do your own system administration, you may choose CUSSP's Program 2, Customer-Managed Systems, which has a free setup and $30/hr for service. For either of these two programs, your workstation must have an Ethernet connection to the campus network and fall within the guidelines of supported equipment.

A third program, known as Time and Materials, provides assistance to you at an hourly rate of $50/hr.

A quick two-page document, listing the program's highlights, is available, as well as a sample contract and the complete listings of terms, conditions and eligible system configurations for our Service Contract.

Existing CUSSP customers may find the User Guide and the Printers, Power-Ups & PTS Group Access documents useful.

For more detailed information about CUSSP, send electronic mail to or click on one of the various program links above.

You may also choose to receive maintenance only, performed through a cooperative effort of IBM or Sun technicians and the hardware technicians from DotCIO's Networking and Telecommunications group. Contact Joyce Armao, at extension 8162, for more information.