Academic and Research Computing

Academic and Research Computing

Getting Started

At Rensselaer, computing is an integral part of the everyday educational experience and students have broad access to computing tools for use in a variety of courses. Many of the core science and engineering courses such as Calculus, Physics, Engineering Analysis, Chemistry, and Computer Science, use computing intensively, as do some management and liberal arts courses. The Rensselaer Computing System (RCS), consisting of over 500 public personal computers and IBM, SUN, and Silicon Graphic workstations, forms the backbone of Rensselaer's computing labs, and plays a large part in the undergraduate program in computing across the curriculum.

Academic and Research Computing (ARC) is a part of Rensselaer's Division of the Chief Information Officer. ARC maintains computer labs all across campus, gives technical and consulting help, offers short courses on various computing topics, provides on-line and paper documentation, supports the Mobile Computing Program, and more.

  • Accounts - You might have several accounts - RCS, WebCT, SIS. Learn the difference.
  • Mobile Computing Program
  • - Every incoming student is required to have a laptop computer. Learn about our program - information for prospective students, new students, and current students.

  • Keeping Up-to-Date - At the On-line Kiosk page, you will find the latest information about computing at Rensselaer, as well as Alerts and Virus and Security information. Be sure to check back regularly using the "Keeping Up-to-Date" link at the top of every ARC page.
  • Guidelines for Computing at Rensselaer - Read about computing etiquette.

  • Questions? - We have a Help Desk located on the main floor of the Voorhees Computing Center. Stop by, call ext. 7777 (on campus), or send e-mail to Be sure to browse the ARC web site.
  • ARC Short Courses - Several times a year, usually at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, ARC staff offer short courses (no credit, no grades) on topics including UNIX and LaTeX.