TeXLive 2007 Installation: Troubleshooting Tips

TeXLive 2007 Installation: Troubleshooting Tips

In some cases, the installation appears to have gone smoothly, but LaTeX and its associated programs don't work properly. Below is information on how to correct a couple of problems that have occurred.

  1. When trying to run latex (or pdflatex), Winshell (or other LaTeX editor) gives a message such as check options.
    This can be due to the installation procedure failing to set the path-- therefore the latex programs are not found. You can open a command window, type path, and see if Texlive2007 is listed. If not, the solution on WinXP is to add the path manually, as follows:

    Right click on the My Computer icon and select Properties. Click the Advanced tab, then click on "Environment Variables". If you have administrator privileges, look in the System variable area for Path. Click on it to select it and then click the Edit button. There will be a list of directories separated by ";". Click in the list, then use the left arrow to scroll to the beginning. Insert at the beginning, the following:

    Rebooting should not be necessary, but you will have to close and reopen Winshell before seeing a change.

  2. A log file error.
    This is due to an incomplete install (for unknown reasons). The latex.fmt file was never generated. It might be possible to fix it by going to:
    Start > All Programs > Tex Live 2007 > TexLive Manager
    Then, select the tab Manage the installation and under Create Formats, click on Missing.