TeXLive 2007: Installing TeX/LaTeX and Support Programs on Your PC

The TeXLive 2007 system is a complete distribution of TeX, LaTeX, and associated programs. At Rensselaer, ARC makes this software available to the Rensselaer community in RCS space. Included are:

You do not need to download the files to your PC; you can install from RCS in the same way you would install from a CD. But you first need to connect to RCS space via sambasrv so that a drive is mapped to the appropriate RCS directory. (Finding the files via the web will not work: your PC must have a drive mapped.) Note that you must not be behind a firewall when you map the drive!

Map \\sambasrv\swinstall as drive T: on your PC, as follows (also see NOTE below):

After installation, if LaTeX and associated programs appear to not work properly, check the troubleshooting tips

Before mapping a network drive to sambasrv, you need to enable plain text passwords. If you haven't done this already (you will get an error that you are not "authorized" when you try to map a drive), you can do it easily by following the instructions at: http://helpdesk.rpi.edu/update.do?artcenterkey=118

If you have questions or problems installing this software, contact the Help Desk at consult@rpi.edu or see the troubleshooting tips.