Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations (CCNI)
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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Economic Impact

The fundamental goal of CCNI is to help significantly accelerate industrial investments in New York state in the area of nanotechnology and nanoelectronics by addressing fundamental computational aspects related to nanodevices and nanoscale processes.

CCNI will develop simulation methodology to both extend the current CMOS paradigm to its ultimate limit, and to better understand, exploit, and integrate new nanoscale materials and device systems.

The research at CCNI will be conducted in a multidisciplinary mode with the software tools, simulation methods, multi-scale modeling methods, and algorithms being able to address important problems in applications ranging from nanoelectronics, energy, biotechnology, transportation, medicine, and homeland security.

  • CCNI is among the top 50 supercomputing centers of any kind, and is one of the most powerful university-based computing centers in the world.

  • CCNI accelerates the momentum in transforming the New York state Capital Region into a high technology destination of choice for R&D, and manufacturing for the nanotechnology and semiconductor industry.

  • CCNI’s world-class simulation competencies coupled with fabrication capabilities in the NY Center of Excellence at Albany Nanotech will provide industry a total solution from virtual to physical device fabrication.

  • CCNI further amplifies the economic growth stimulated by NYS investments in Gen*NY*sis centers, Centers of Excellence, and Centers for Advanced Technologies.

  • CCNI will develop a skilled workforce in supercomputing.

  • CCNI has committed a significant fraction of its computational bandwidth for encouraging, attracting, and nurturing start-ups, and small and medium size companies in NY state.

  • 300–500 high technology jobs are expected to be created directly as a result of the establishment of CCNI.

  • CCNI will create the intellectual vibrancy and worldclass science and technology necessary to attract dozens of new computation based start-ups, small, medium, and large corporations and hundreds of high paying technology jobs to NY state and the Capital Region.

  • CCNI will leverage significant federal and corporate research support in wide ranging areas of societal importance.
Computational Center for Nanotechnology Innovations (CCNI)