Detachment History 

Team 550 - Forging Warrior Leaders

Detachment 550 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute was established in 1949. The detachment under the command of Major Edward M. Rex organized the detachment around 97 cadets. The Air Force ROTC detachment was the last of the three branches to be represented on campus. By 1950 the total number of cadets in the wing had increased to 264. In 1951, the cadre grew to 7 officers and 6 enlisted airmen to meet the growing demands of the rapidly expanding detachment. With the beginning of 1952 came the organization of a 30 member AFROTC band which served as a complement to the existing 15 member Drum and Bugle Corps. The detachment grew and shrank in numbers along the years following the eb and flow of support for military organizations and military conflicts.

Since, its inception Detachment 550 has published a wing newsletter. Initially title "The Prop Wash", the detachment newsletter changed its name to "Flight Lines" in 1952 and was combined into a joint newsletter titled "On Review" in 1953 due to spending budget cuts. The newsletter came to be called "The Eagle's Eye" through the 80's and 90's and eventually settled on the title, "The Navigator," as it is called today.

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