Writing Requirement


Rensselaer Students must successfully complete a writing requirement which can be met in the following manner.

  • Scoring a 4 or 5 on either of the Advanced Placement English Exams (Language & Composition or Literature & Composition).
  • Scoring at least a 670 on the verbal portion of the SAT. Students with a SAT verbal score less than 610 are strongly advised to satisfy this requirement by taking a writing course.
  • Receiving transfer credit for an approved college-level writing or writing intensive course taken elsewhere. If you have any questions about transferring a course, contact Professor Elizabeth Large, H&SS Core Advisor, Sage 3201, 276-2576.
  • Taking and receiving a passing grade in a writing-intensive course at Rensselaer. "Writing-intensive courses" must be 4000 level courses.
  • Taking and receiving a passing grade in a writing course at Rensselaer. The following courses are dedicated primarily to the development of writing skills and can be used to meet the writing requirement: Expository Writing, Rhetoric & Writing, Technical and Professional Communication, and writing special topic courses.

*Courses satisfying the requirement are identified in the schedule of classes. Any questions regarding these courses should be directed to Lee Odell, Director of Writing Programs in the Department of Language, Literature, and Communications at (518) 276-8122.



NOTE---Effective in the summer of 1997, all courses beginning with a prefix of "WRIT" (previously 44) offered by the department of Language, Literature and Communication will now be considered a writing course and therefore will fulfill the writing requirement.

The ability to write effectively is important. You are encouraged to develop your writing skills beyond the minimum requirement. If you have any further questions regarding the writing requirement, please call Robert M. Conway, Director of the Advising & Learning Assistance Center at (518) 276-6269.