Transfer Credit


Subject to specific approval, academic credit for courses taken at another college or university may be transferred to Rensselaer. The following procedures should be followed by Rensselaer students taking courses at other institutions.

The Transfer Credit Approval form, which can be obtained in the Registrar's Office, should be used for approval of all transfer credit granted. Equivalent "A," "B," or "C" grade work is required for transfer credit.

Students desiring to take course work at other institutions should obtain approval prior to enrollment at that institution. Transfer credit cannot be guaranteed unless prior approval is obtained, since courses that are not approved may not be equivalent to Rensselaer courses. In addition, many institutions require proof of prior approval before allowing a visiting student to register.

Students desiring transfer credit must have the registrar of the other institution forward an official transcript and course descriptions (or the student may submit copies of catalog course descriptions) to the Rensselaer Registrar's Office. When the Transfer Credit Approval form, the official transcript, and course descriptions are received, the Registrar's Office will forward the material to the appropriate departments for their review (if approval was not previously obtained). Final grades will be checked for courses previously approved and, if at least a "C," credit can be given directly. A student who repeats at another college a course failed at Rensselaer may be required by the department at Rensselaer to pass an examination.

Approval of transfer credits for required courses or elective courses is authorized by the department that would offer the course at Rensselaer, except that H&SS courses are approved by the Core Program Advisor. (Currently Elizabeth Large, ext. 2576).

  • If a student takes a three credit course and Rensselaer teaches that course as a four credit course, only three credits will be transferred.
  • If through transfer there remains a credit requirement towards the core an individual one credit course can be developed with the input of the faculty advisor or school ombudsperson to meet graduation requirements.
  • In cases where articulation agreements exist with Two or Three year colleges, the student will be presented with a plan of study showing what is needed to graduate in Rensselaer's new curricula.

If the student has completed the approved Associate's degree the student will enter Rensselaer with full junior status and the plan of study should enable the student to graduate in four semesters.


A student transferring back to Rensselaer who now holds an associate's degree and who formerly was a Rensselaer matriculating student may begin a new cumulative QPA subject to the approval of the director of the Advising and Learning Assistance Center. His or her former Rensselaer courses will still appear on the permanent record but will not be calculated in the new QPA.