Repeat Grade Policy



If a student repeats a course, both grades are entered on the record. However, although both grades appear on the transcript, the grade received in the repeated course is always the one used in computing the QPA. Senior "F" examination rules remain the same. The grade for a repeated course taken on a pass/no credit basis or for which the student receives a grade of "W" cannot be used in place of the original course grade in calculating the QPA.

  • Transfer courses cannot be used
  • The same course must be repeated
  • Students can repeat a course more than once, but only the last grade is used in computing the QPA
  • Students may jeopardize their financial aid awards by repeating a course they have already passed

Note! If a student repeats a course that they previously passed and fails the course, the failure takes precedence. Therefore, the student has not completed the course requirements.



Courses Changed by Curriculum Reform

If a student wishes to repeat a 3 credit course:

  • Take the 3 credit hour course again if it exits.
  • If the course has been changed to 4 credits, take the 4 credit course. If this course alone causes credits to exceed 21, increase in tuition will be waived by the ombudsperson of the student's school. The ombudsperson will notify the Provost who in turn will notify the proper authorities.
  • If the course no longer exists or has been substantially altered, the department will recommend an appropriate substitution and notify the student's advisor, the Associate Dean of the School in which the course is taught, and the Registrar of the allowed substitution. The grade for the new course shall replace the grade for the failed course.