Pass/No Credit


Subject to the limitations listed below, undergraduate students may elect to take courses on a pass or no credit basis, for which the grade is either "P" (Pass) or "NC" (Fail). Quality points will not be assigned for these courses and the "P" or "NC" will not be reflected in the quality point average. "NC" is a failing grade and can be cause for academic action. Courses taken on a Pass/No Credit option can count toward credit-hour and distribution requirements if the grade "P" is received. This option allows a student to take courses outside his or her normal curriculum or minor program that, because of grade considerations, the student otherwise might not consider.

A student may take no more than 12 credit hours of courses designated as Pass/No Credit courses. No more than 6 credits of these may be humanities and social sciences courses used to satisfy the requirements of the undergraduate courses in these fields. A Pass/No Credit course may not be used in the H&SS depth requirement. Courses graded Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only are not included in the above restrictions. For the five-year B. Arch. curriculum, the Pass/No Credit option is extended, giving a maximum of 16 Pass/No Credit credits.

No course previously failed or specifically required by name or required to be chosen from a list of named courses in the student's curriculum or minor may be taken on a Pass/No Credit basis. Courses at the 6000 level may not be taken on a Pass/No Credit basis.

This option is not available to graduate students or non matriculated students.