Leave of Absence


Students who wish to spend a period of time away from Rensselaer may request a leave of absence. In order to be considered for a leave, a student must submit a letter to the dean of students or the dean of the graduate school stating his or her reasons for the request and the length of leave desired. Undergraduate leaves are normally given for up to one year.

For financial aid purposes only, a leave of absence is limited. Once the allowable period of time has expired students are considered withdrawn.

Leaves of absence are usually granted only during the first eight weeks of the semester and no grades are recorded. Exceptions to this rule are medical reasons or when, in the dean's judgment, other extremely extenuating circumstances exist. Students who are granted a leave of absence after the eighth week will receive grades of "W" in all courses.

Students may request an extension of their leave of absence by writing to the dean of students or the dean of the graduate school.