Undergraduates Taking Graduate Courses


Graduate courses may not ordinarily be taken by undergraduates, unless they have already been accepted into either the Professional School or Graduate School. Exceptions will be considered on an individual basis. An undergraduate wishing to take a graduate course must submit to the Graduate Services Office a Request to Take a Graduate Course form (available in the Graduate Center) that has been signed by his/her adviser and the instructor in charge of the course. A student with senior status and a quality point average of 3.0 does not need permission from the Graduate School to take a graduate-level course.

Normally the Graduate Services Office will not approve such a request unless the student meets the requirements for admission to the Graduate School. Generally this means that the student should be a senior with a quality point average of at least 3.0. The Graduate Services Office reserves the right to cancel the registration of an undergraduate in a graduate course if the student has not received approval to take the course. No tuition refund will be given. Courses taken at the 6000 level must be taken on a letter grade basis; they may not be taken under the Pass/No Credit option.

Undergraduates admitted to the Professional Program of the School of Engineering may have to take certain graduate courses and may elect other such courses with the adviser's approval.