Curriculum Reform


Curriculum reform and renewal are moving forward at Rensselaer. It is our intent that, during this time of transition, enrolled students who are on track in their curriculum will stay on track. Our operating principle:


When Rensselaer accepts a student into a four year program, we commit to providing the academic programs and resources that make it possible for that student to graduate within an eight semester schedule. Curriculum reform does not change this commitment, nor will we allow the transition process to create situations in which students' academic programs are lengthened. This is consistent with students' obligation to meet the requirements of their degree


The school ombudspersons listed here are available to help you with questions arising from curriculum transition.

Mark Mistur, Greene 302
276-6868, fax 276-3034,

Robert W. Messler, Jr., JEC 3018
276-6620, fax 276-4860,

Humanities & Social Sciences
Elizabeth Large, Sage 3201
276-2576, fax 276-4871,

Management & Technology
Bob Sand, Pittsburgh 3202
276-6585, fax 276-2665,

Samuel Wait, SC 1C05
276-6305, fax 276-2825,


In addition to the school ombudspersons, Bob Conway and the Advising & Learning Assistance Center (Sage 2106, 276-6269) are additional resources for all undergraduate students in all curricula.


As the transition continues, we will continue to make the Class Hour Schedule a source of up-to-date information about the curriculum, so you will have the necessary facts at hand as you plan your studies and make your registration choices. In addition to the Class Hour Schedule, the Advising & Learning Assistance Center Web Page will also be a source of the latest information about curriculum reform.

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