Summer is a time to not only relax and enjoy yourself, but also a time of reflection and review of the past year and some planning for your next academic year. Reflection and review should evolve around what went well this past semester and what did not go so well or how you can improve and make things better.

Looking at your management of time and your utilization of help resources is a very positive process to engage in. You might also consider how you see yourself as a person (self worth issues) and how you might better your opinion of yourself through your single efforts or with the help of another person. Your opinion of yourself through your single efforts are with the help of another person.

For some a class free summer is just what the doctor ordered while others might benefit by taking a course or two during the summer and lightening their academic load during the school year.

Our office would be happy to help you in the aforementioned process. Sometimes working with an objective counselor or friend is just what you need to assist you in reaching some of your goals. If you are interested call our office to make an appointment or email us (see front page for address).

Whatever you do this summer, please have some fun!! Everybody needs that and we hope you will get some physical activity, peace of mind, and some good planning in before you return in the fall.