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For a variety of reasons Rensselaer students often feel that getting "help" has a negative connotation. Their experience in elementary and secondary schools often leads them to believe that people who get tutors or other forms of help are not very bright. As a result, Rensselaer students very often feel that "If I don't do this work by myself and figure things out by myself I'm really projecting an image of not being very bright". Nothing can be further from the truth because at Rensselaer students often get help for some of the following reasons:

Getting help and learning in a collaborative fashion can often actually be a very positive experience so please don't feel the only way to learn is alone.

By the way, if one was to look at a particular student's transcript after three years at Rensselaer and this person had attained a 3.4 grade point average, the transcript would read:

Cumulative GPA = 3.4

It would not say:

Cumulative GPA = 3.4 (with tutors)

Please put that other thinking aside and do yourself a favor: "Get Help When You Need It!!

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