Tip of the MonthTip of the Month


This is a time that you should be working very hard on staying focused in preparation for final exams or the final in-class tests.Taking advantage of review opportunities made available to you by Professors or TA's is a real smart thing to do. In addition, it might be a good idea to create your own review opportunities by use of study groups or some well organized individual planning efforts.

It never hurts to ask Professors if they can suggest ways to prepare for finals and they often will provide you with some very good insight to aid your preparation.

Get all notes, quizzes, tests, etc together and start to intelligently use the time between now and finals to prepare and review. It is always smart to review back tests to be sure you understand what you got wrong and why. It is also a very good idea to start early enough to avoid cramming. Getting enough rest is also criticle to good performance.

The weather is getting nice but fight the temptation to just "hang out" and be lazy. Your coming to the home stretch so let's give it that full effort and last burst of speed to the finish line.

Good Luck!!!!