Study Tips and Time Management Study Tips and Time Management

The Rensselaer academic experience brings many new and exciting challenges to some of the finest young minds in the world. One of the primary ingredients necessary to meet these challenges is to have an organized approach to your studies. It is our intention to provide you with some useful information that we have attained either from our experiences here at Rensselaer or from consultation with many other colleagues across the country either at national conferences or through contacts on the Internet.

We know many of you have not really needed a great deal of structure in your previous study routines so it's important to understand that for many of you that will change at Rensselaer and your adaptation to these new circumstances will be a critical factor in your success.

Time Management

We believe there are three primary ingredients to your success at Rensselaer. These may seem like clichés to you but please believe us when we tell you that they are extremely important:

Campus Help Sources

Students should manage their time and study in an organized fashion.
Students should get in the routine habit of utilizing the help sources available on campus.
It is important that students feel good about themselves as individuals.

Positive Attitude

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