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Campus Help Sources

For many, the idea of getting help represents a whole new way of thinking regarding academic success. In high school you often just took notes in class and looked over these notes the night before tests and the results were very often "A's" and "B's." You were the people in elementary and secondary school that helped others; you never received help! In fact, many of you had the impression that those students who got help were not too bright and for you to get help would indicate somewhat of a flaw in your intelligence. We are here to tell you that nothing can be further from the truth and getting help at Rensselaer is just a way of life!

"Mom and Dad are having troubles and might be splitting up. Maybe if I was home I could do something. This worries me greatly."

"I was hurt by a letter I received in the mail."

"I have this new found social freedom. Nobody tells me when to get up, when to go to bed or nobody asks me if I have done my homework."

"I fell in love."

"I was kind of a "loner" or "outsider" in high school. I just did not fit in but here at Rensselaer I fit in well and I want to have some fun. I have studied all my life and I want to relax and have fun first and foremost."

"I've joined several clubs, rushed a fraternity or sorority, got involved in student government, joined the Poly or WRPI."(none of these in and of themselves are bad in fact they are great but doing too much at the expense of studies is not the way to go)

"I'm having problems with alchohol or drugs." (not a big problem at Rensselaer but it does exist)

It is seldom that our students do not do well because of ability. More often than not the reasons students struggle academically at Rensselaer are because of some sociological type pressures that are effecting their ability to function well academically. These are the normal growing pains of life; things that many of us have experienced that sometimes distract us from what we should be doing academically. Examples of common problems are shown at the right.
There are many other sociological reasons but you get the general idea. Other reasons students seek help are because the chemistry between them and a particular professor is not good, they want to achieve "A" grades instead of "B's", or they simply make getting help a part of their routine quest for knowledge. Yes, there are also times when we feel we are lacking in ability in some particular situations but let's make something clear from the beginning; getting help here is not for people of less intelligence. In fact, they are no students at Rensselaer who are not of better than average intelligence and getting help is just using another tool to help you build that academic foundation for the rest of your life.
With all that said, there a number of academic and personal support services on campus that many of you would greatly benefit from. It is really important for you to get to know about these services and visit them when needed. Some of the help sources available on campus are listed at the bottom right.
Other resources are your academic advisor, faculty and teaching assistants, learning assistant (in dormitories) and other students. With few exceptions, all of the above mentioned resources can be reached by e-mail or telephone.

Advising & Learning Assistance Center
Chaplains Office
Counseling Center
Dean of Students Office

Finally, just a thought to remember:
If I were to look at transcript after four years at Rensselaer it might read that a student graduated with a 3.4 QPA but it does not read a 3.4 QPA (with tutors). Nobody cares how we learn as long as we learn, whether it be, a professor, teaching assistant, friend, or, any other tool that works for us!

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